Purpose of a SAR

Sexual Attitudes Reassessment and Restructuring (SAR) is a dive into the murky depths of the participant’s inner world. The purpose of this Deep Dive is to explore those parts of their sexual selves that are rejected or hidden and begin to accept them with kindness and understanding. For some participants, the challenges to their worldview may be radical and extreme for others they may be small shifts that open their hearts and minds to even greater possibilities.


Through the exploration of sexual attitudes and values, participants can improve self-compassion and in turn direct it outward to approach the human experience of those they work with, using curiosity and acceptance. In the Deep Dive SAR participants are not told what to think, instead, they are supported to explore why they hold certain beliefs and how those beliefs might impact their work, positively and negatively. 



Personal outcomes:

  • Discover a personal definition of sexual identity by exploring how others define themselves

  • Experiment with how these definitions intersect throughout society, creating privilege and oppression

  • Deep Dive into how identity and inequality influence our understandings of sexual expression


Professional outcomes:

  • Proficient in understanding the range of ways people identify with themselves and others

  • Ability to recognise how assumptions and inequality in professional practice might impact a person’s daily experience of identity

  • Understand the intimate and sexual ways people search for identity and meaning throughout life

  • Ability to communicate the importance of a respect-based approach to sexuality and self



The process of Sexual Attitudes Reassessment and Restructuring (SAR) is seen as the global standard in professional development regarding sexuality, for anyone engaged with the care of people. They are held all over the world in a variety of forms to ensure that dignity and respect for sexuality are embedded in practice. Pushing through discomfort allows for participants to reassess their own beliefs and norms surrounding the diversity of human sexual experience. A SAR is not a cognitive or educational workshop. Process-oriented discussion and experiential learning assist participants to open their hearts and minds to a new approach, restructuring beliefs and their capacity to engage with difficult moments.  


Please note: sexually explicit media is utilised in the SAR process. It is not suitable for people under 18 years.


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