Deep Dive

Deep Dive is a unique ‘Sexual Attitude Reassessment and Restructuring’ (SAR) workshop designed and led by experienced sexologist and Clinical Sexuality Educator, Kerrin Bradfield. This two-day intensive course utilises multimedia, speakers, panels, and small group discussion to provoke an experiential, cognitive, and affective deep dive exploring the range of human sexual expression and behaviour. The primary purpose of a Deep Dive SAR is to assist participants to evaluate their biases, values, attitudes, and feelings regarding a variety of sexuality topics.

At the core of the Deep Dive SAR are justice and transformation, supporting participants to embody and generate equity as well as become more effective agents of change in their professions.

Kerrin Bradfield

Kerrin is a sexuality and media specialist who has been working in the field of human sexuality for close to 20 years.


As an intersectional feminist, Kerrin's work is grounded in the commitment to sexual rights as human rights. She is an activist, advocate, and constant learner. Her facilitation is inclusive, informed, and carries with it a strong wit and a passion for sexuality.

Her work ranges from in-school and community education, trauma-informed health promotion and program development, academia, and private practice as a sex therapist. She is one of only a handful of accredited Clinical Sexuality Educators in Australia. 


17-18th April 2020
17-18th July 2020
4-5th November 2020

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